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Fail, Fail again, Fail better!

Diapositiva1The secret lies in COURAGE. Only courage overcomes the fear of FAILING and calls for ACTION. So, once you’ve gathered the right amount of courage, embraced the possibility of failing and stepped into the void, there are two possible outcomes: 1) You will have success and you will be less afraid to face the next challenge that life will bring up. 2) You will fail. Ups!

I want to talk about outcome number two: Failing, because success is boring.

I believe there is an art in failing. I believe that failure, eventually, is great. This is because the suffering that failing brings along is impermanent, and will heal. What will stay forever, is the lesson you have learned, which is, absolutely, priceless. And if you treasure the lesson and learn to fail better, you will succeed.

Therefore succeed or fail but by all means DO.  Be well aware that failure will be in your way, embrace it and grow.  You’ve got to have a story to tell your kids when you are old and its got to be adventurous.

People who have not taken action, have not accepted life’s challenges and life doesn’t challenge them anymore.