Building a new generation of game changers who are getting busy to help the world become a better place. Dreamers and believers who value life and are good to other human beings and to the earth. Leaders who have brilliant ideas to improve lives of others, who use creativity and technology to find solutions, who cherish dialogue and bring peace and ultimately push social progress forward.


Startup your life

startupI love the word startup. Creating something from scratch. The power of an idea. The fear of making it real. The uncertainty of the unknown. The risk of success. The possibility of failure. The thrill of adventure. The frustration of pivoting over and over. The two years prior to success in which your idea sucks and to the world you are just a complete looser with a hoody and no sense of fashion.

But the love, the passion the determination to succeed… The chances of changing the world!

Now and then we should all startup our lives. Test if we are happy, pivot, change strategy, improve the product, hire a sales person, try a gamification technique to dare ourselves, pitch to someone we like, network with someone we don’t know and startup all over again. Not everyone may understand what is so exciting about this irregular and inconstant life full of apparent dangers and unsure money, filled with unpredictable outcomes and difficult challenges. In the past few months I have met truly brave and inspiring people whom I wish success and happiness. They deserve it because what I love about startuppers is that we just really go for it.

We approach life with our guts. We are not fearless but we fight our fear of failing every single day. And if we fall we get back up and look for another way of succeeding. Over and over. We won’t give up because we are believers who are driven by our dreams.

So we take chances because we are doers. We turn our ideas into reality and we turn our careers into a story.

We have a vision and with baby steps or by skipping shortcuts, we will succeed. We have this energy, this spark, this way of living that makes our lives a mission. We are born to be alive!