Building a new generation of game changers who are getting busy to help the world become a better place. Dreamers and believers who value life and are good to other human beings and to the earth. Leaders who have brilliant ideas to improve lives of others, who use creativity and technology to find solutions, who cherish dialogue and bring peace and ultimately push social progress forward.


Do what you were born for in 6 steps

1) Be yourself. Only in this way you can figure out what you really want from your journey. The other key word here is: honesty. Be honest with yourself, do not fool yourself because you’re the only one loosing out. This also means not being afraid of being vulnerable  because what makes you vulnerable is what makes you beautiful. Stop thinking of who you should be and you will understand who you are.

2) Love yourselve. You have to love each cell, every imperfection and defect that makes you special. You have to love yourself to the point of sounding too self-centered and full of yourselve because only who really loves theirself knows that wasting one’s life being unhappy is an huge, gigantic shame! If you love yourself enough and feel worthy then you will definitly do something you love and were born for.

734084_428255200576043_1006815672_n3) Have faith in the power of the universe! I might loose you here because you’ll think it has to do with something hippy or spiritual. Not at all! It’s a true and simple theory: You have to trust that by stepping into the void there will be someone or something to catch you. If you do what you love, you will have success. You have to be confindent of this because when you are true to yourself, nothing can go wrong. If this means completely changing your life, do not be afraid of losing everything, have faith in yourself and the universe, you will succeed and be happy.

4) The 3 P’s. The only way to have patience and be persistent is to have passion. Therefore, remember the 3 P’s: Passion,  patience and Persistent. And do not forget to smile along the way. Things come if you are true to yourslef and listen to your heart. If you are not being succesfull, change something, do not waste time, change perspective and start again! But do not panic, you are exactly where you should be, to get where you need to go.

5) Do not give up. It is so obvious and elementary that the road is bumpy and not going to be easy. So stop complaining if something along the way goes wrong (you are at a good point). It simply means that it had to go wrong for you to notice and do something better. It’s just a signal, nothing went really wrong! So do not think of mistakes as failures. Don’t be so weak, get up and change perspective, you will understand that everything is as it should be! You will agree that the difficult and tough times will be the moments of growth.

6) Be happy. Not only when your dream comes true, but always!, Happiness is not a destination its a path. When you will have the life of your dreams you will find that the beauty was just in path of winning it. By now you probably will have in place another dream to fulfill. Because life is made of dreams, its the road to make them come true that makes us happy not the conquest itself. Therefore, those who have surrendered to their dreams, have given up their chances of being happy.