Building a new generation of game changers who are getting busy to help the world become a better place. Dreamers and believers who value life and are good to other human beings and to the earth. Leaders who have brilliant ideas to improve lives of others, who use creativity and technology to find solutions, who cherish dialogue and bring peace and ultimately push social progress forward.


For the next months I will blog about what life is like in the belly of startups: the Sillicon Valley. Either of success or of faillure, everyone has a story here. I will try and get into the heart of accelerators and incubators and show/rank their, real or percieved, social impact and share this with any curious mind who whises to see where social progress is headed, and what we can do to speed it up. I am a driven and passionate young girl with the mission of making a difference in the world by pushing social progress forward. Specifically I want to make good actions become viral among future generations. I take my decisions on the future with my guts: when my tummy akes and I’m scared it means I’m in the right direction. Whenever I challenge myself to leave my confort zone, I grow, I move fast and break things and my path ceases to be a journey and becomes an adventure. This is how I decided to cross the bridge from Italy to San Francisco. I was told this is where game changers are headed. I chose Mind the Bridge because it gathers italian leaders of tommorrow’s change and I couldn’t miss the chance to get inspired by them. Stay tuned for video interviews and hot stories!